Natural jewels and gems

Natural gems, materials used for our jewelry

The Tahitian pearl

Discover everything you need to know about the Tahitian pearl, its characteristics, value, sizes, shapes and colors. Find out how to identify a real pearl and choose it well. The Tahitian pearl is an exceptional and unique black gem.

What is a Tahitian Pearl?

Southern Sea Pearls

South Sea Pearls, also called Australian Pearls, are among the most impressive and expensive pearls in the world. Available in different colors, these pearls are the best accessories to embellish jewelry and to add a unique touch to creations.

Discover the Pearls of Australia

Freshwater pearls

Freshwater pearls do not have a nucleus. They are entirely made of nacre produced by molluscs. Did you know that these pearls have been cultivated since the thirteenth century in China? That’s right! The shine and resistance of these pearls already fascinated ancient civilizations.

Learn more about Freshwater Pearls

Keishi Pearl

Keishi pearls are unique, impressive and marvelous with their irregular shapes. Although these pearls do not have the perfectly spherical shape of a classic pearl, Keishis are appreciated for their exceptional characteristics and affordable prices.

Learn more about the Keshi Pearl


Have you fallen under the spellbinding charm of the Larimar stone? Discover its meaning, its origins, but also what are the virtues and benefits of this magnificent blue mineral stone.

I discover the Larimar stone

Pirate coins

We have all heard stories of piracy once! But do you really know why this currency is called pirate coins when it was once the currency of the conquistadors?

Learn more about the Pirate coins


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