South Sea pearls

Do you know that pearls have always fascinated civilizations! In ancient times, the Persians considered pearls as God’s tears. The Greeks always believed that these were pieces of moon fallen from the sky! Pearls, since the dawn of time, have attracted the passion of man. Men have been killed or died because of them … In the past, pearls were obtained by chance! Beautiful, splendid, dazzling in different colors and impressive, are the qualifiers that perfectly define the pearls.

South Sea pearls

South Sea pearls

With its golden color, physical characteristics and splendor, the pearl of the South Seas, also called “pearl of Australia” is among the most successful and most expensive pearls in the world!

Australian pearls are produced in the South Seas. It is the region between the northern coast of Australia and the southern coast of China. A wide enough area, characterized by its warm waters, which represents the natural environment the most suitable to the reproduction of a species of oysters known as “Pinctada Maxima”.

There are different varieties of Pinctada Maxima. Gold-lip pearls Pinctada Maxima and Silver-lip pearls Pinctada maxima are mainly found. Impressive sizes, oysters can reach 30 cm in diameter. It should be noted that South Sea pearls are known as Australian pearls because most of the oysters that produce these pearls were always cultivated in the northwestern Australian coast.

With the development of oyster farming techniques, South Sea pearls exist today in the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and Burma! Since the 1920s, the cultivation of Australian pearls has been controlled by Japan.

Australian pearls formation

The formation of Australian pearls results from a defense mechanism. When a foreign body infiltrates the shell of the Pinctada Maxima, like a sand grain, the mollusc then produces a mother-of-pearl to protect its body from the intruder.

The oyster surrounds it with thousands of mother-of-pearl layers that eventually form a perfectly smooth marble preventing any injury or irritation. The color of the pearl varies according to the species of this variety: it can be white, golden, gray, cream color…

Do you know that in the nature 1 oyster in 10,000 produces a valuable pearl? The ratio is much higher with 40% marketable pearls with cultured oysters.

To reach this figure, molluscs are grafted with a nucleus, a perfect ball designed based on mold shell. They are then put back into the water for 18 months, until pearls are formed. Thus, it is possible to produce pearls from Australia in many parts of the world!

South Sea pearls

What makes pearls from Australia?

Like any other king of pearls, South Sea pearls are characterized by their colors, sizes and qualities (number of imperfections).

As regards the color of South Sea pearls

Bewitching, precious and rare, Australian pearls are known for their golden color. But there are other shades: white pink, white silver, champagne golden, and dark golden. The hue of these pearls’ ranges from silvery white to dark walleye through white with green highlights, white with gray highlights, white with cream highlights and champagne.

South Sea pearls are therefore available in a wide range of colors and shades making them unique, precious and perfect to embellish all our cultured pearl jewelry creations.

As regards the size of Australian pearls

South Sea pearls offered for sale are of an average size of 13mm. The diameter may vary from 7mm to 20mm. The larger the size of a pearl, the greater the increase the price. These pearls are among the rarest in the world and making a single jewel like a necklace can take several years to find pearls with the same size and the same reflection.

Qualities of Australian pearls of Southern Oceans

Australian pearls are grouped into 6 categories. Pearls of “Super Gem” or “A-AAA”, “AAA Grade”, “AA + Grade”, “AA Grade”, “A + Grade” and “A Grade” quality are found. The classification criterion is the number of visible imperfections (also called defects). Australian pearls evaluated as perfect are quite rare. They are therefore the most valuable and the most wanted in the world.

How recognize a real South Sea pearl?

At Kalinas, we certify that all our cultured pearls are authentic and quality. Always remember that it is possible to buy pearls with an authenticity certificate. To determinate if the Australian pearl is a fake or a real pearl, you can perform a few tests which don’t require an advances knowledge.

Try to lightly rub the surface of the pearl against your teeth. If the plating is destroyed, the pearl is false. You can also try to rub two Australian pearls, one against the other. If they are true cultured pearls, you will feel a certain rigor. Other experimental techniques can be applied by involving a suitable equipment such as microscope and refractometer. This remains difficult to set up.

Because of their natural beauty, South Sea pearls are often used by jewelry designers to make beautiful necklaces, earrings, rings. With their different shades and sizes, these pearls are the best way to highlight their tastes, desires and lifestyle!

Cheap South Sea pearls?

Whatever your budget, you can find Australian pearl or a South Sea pearls lot that will bring you a complete satisfaction. Making the right choice lies in finding the best value for money! For indeed, the difference in price of a culture pearl jewel can vary considerably from one pearl to another.


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