Women’s Bracelet

Discover our creations of women’s bracelets made with high-quality kangaroo leather or nylon thread. Our bracelets are accompanied by cultured pearls but not only! And there’s something for everyone ! Indeed, we offer a wide choice of jewelry with pearls of Tahiti, Australia, freshwater or even Keishi. Each of these pearls has its own colors. For example, a pearl of Tahiti is black as for the pearl of Australia it can be golden or white. Our leather bracelets can be braided, hand rolled but also flat leather. You will find here, all our bracelets made by hand for women with pearls, stones, shells, mother of pearl but also nuggets of turquoise or even agates.

Create my tailor-made jewel!

Do not hesitate to contact us for a tailor-made creation.
All our jewels are made in our workshop in St Barthélemy.


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