The Tahitian black Pearl

It’s rounded, black, valuable, charming, astonishing and Polynesians have known about its existence for a long time ! With its splendor, the Tahitian pearl is one of the most famous pearls in the world. Would you like to know everything about this pearl ? Let’s discover together this little treasure from the oyster of the Pacific !

Tahitian Pearl

What is it a Tahitian pearl?

The Tahitian pearl is a gem. The attribute of being a gem, for a long time reserved to precious stones, just confirms the beauty of this pearl. The Tahitian pearl is obtained from a variety of bivalve mollusks: the pearl oyster Pinctada margaritiferid. Although most pearls are white, grey or of light tint, the Tahitian pearl is an exception with its black color. But where does this color come from?

Shades of the Tahitian black pearl can vary from grey to black with different reflections as green, blue, Peacock, aubergine, copper and bronze. Hence, black is the basic color of Polynesian lagoons.

It is important to underline that the color of a pearl primarily depends on the nature of the mollusk from it was produced which. The Polynesian lagoon pearl is mainly located in the Tuamotu archipelago which is the biggest one in Polynesia (76 atolls, among which Rangiroa and Fakarava are the most known), as well as in the Gambier Islands, the archipelago where Tahitian pearl emperor Mr Robert Wan pearl factories are situated.

One can also find them on the Society Islands made of Tahiti islands and its capital city Papeete: Moorea, the island that has a bay named after the famous sailor James Cook, Bora Bora, famous for those postcard landscapes, but also Raiatea and Huahine among the most know ones. One can also find golden pearls produced by some mollusks of pearl oyster in Australia: Pinctada Maxima or some other white pearls produced by other varieties in several regions of the world. Known as « Black Pearls » Tahitians pearls are the fruit of mollusks which a dark and thick mother-of-pearl.

Which are Tahitians pearls features?

The black pearl is one of the most astonishing pearls. It is characterized from its color, its size, its shape, and its shine.

Black pearl color

The lagoons pearl, also called the Tahitian pearl as well as Polynesian pearl is characterized by 3 color components:

  • The tint: general aspect of the pearl. The main color that can vary from dark black to grey.
  • The shine: it is its degree of luminosity. In other words, it is the result of the interaction between the surface of the pearl and the light.
  • The saturation: it is the color (purity, brightness).

Tahitian pearl is available in many tints and in a wide variety of dark colors. Essentially, the tint depends on the color of the implant and the quality of the water in a natural habitat or in a cultivation.

Tahitian pearls size

The size of a lagoon Polynesian pearl has its diameter in millimeters. Black pearls can vary from 8mm to16mm. In certain cases, black pearls can reach a nonstandard diameter (18 mm to 21 mm).

Tahitians pearls shape

Black pearls exist in 7 basic shapes. These 7 shapes define 5 categories. One finds black rounded pearl, semi-rounded, oval, buttons-shaped, drop-shaped, baroque, semi baroque and circled.

The value of a Tahitian pearl

The value of a Tahitian pearl depends on several criteria as such as its color, size, number of imperfections, the brightness of its shine and the thickness of its mother-of-pearl. A black pearl, which has no imperfection on the surface, is more expensive than one with imperfections. The most important aspect to evaluate the value of a black pearl is the quality of its surface. That is why 5 qualities or 5 classes exist. The Top Gem, A-quality, B-quality, C-quality, D-quality. It is to be noticed that Top Gem is attributed to black pearls with no imperfections on the surface.

Tahitian Black Pearl

How to choose one’s Tahitian pearl?

The quality and the value of a Tahitian pearl depends on several criteria. In fact, it is not always so easy to determine the value of a Tahitian black pearl. So, how can one make the right choice? To choose a good quality pearl you have to give some importance to the commercial quality, it means the category to which the pearl belongs to (Top Gem, A, B-, C-, or D-).

The different beauty criteria determine the value of a Tahitian pearl. The Tahitian pearl is one of the costliest pearls. To choose one’s black pearl is to find the best price-quality ratio. That is why Kalinas, creator of Tahitian pearls jewels offers you a collection of unique and custom-made jewels, created with passion and know-how.

How to identify the real black pearls?

Even with a basic knowledge, you can easily differentiate the real black pearls from the fake ones. The perfect Tahitian pearls, the ones with no imperfections, are very rare. Most of the black pearls have irregularities. A fake Tahitian pearl is often sold with a perfectly spherical surface, smooth and matt under the light. Always remember that a real Tahitian pearl has to reflect the light !

The brightness of a black pearl (the shine) is a criterion of the real Tahitian pearls. The pearl has to reflect the light in several ways according to the exposure. By examining a black pearl, always verify if its surface reflects your image. If this is the case, it is a real Tahitian pearl. If you are hesitant, think of calling a professionist able to identify the physical features of the pearls with advanced tests, (refractometer test, microscope test…).

As far as the real Tahitian pearls are concerned, there are 2 types of real pearls: The cultured pearl and the natural pearls. It is forbidden to pick and commercialize natural pearls. The difference stays in the process of creation of the pearl. Eventually, you just have to choose well the black pearl which will be able to satisfy your desires and add a touch of personality to your clothing style !

Unexpansive Tahitian Pearl?

It is possible to buy unexpansive Tahitian pearls, cheaper or on sale. This means to buy a stock of pearls without choosing them one by one with many imperfections and not much brightness.


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